Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in Huntington Beach, CA

Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in Huntington Beach, CA

Are you looking for the best alcohol rehab center in Huntington Beach CA for your alcoholism? Or perhaps you’re looking for a rehab center for substance abuse for your drug problem. Huntington Beach is not lacking in treatment centers and resources available to residents.

The regional public healthcare provider is the Orange County Health Care Agency (OC HCA), supported by overseas providers, and its Behavioral Health Services (BHS) division runs outpatient behavioral healthcare clinics and rehab centers for substance abuse for the whole of Orange County.

Substance Use Disorder in Huntington Beach, CA

Orange County, including Huntington Beach, has a disproportionately high rate of substance use disorder compared to the rest of the USA. According to a 2016 report by the UC Huntington Beach Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), alcoholism in Orange County is at 35.1%, higher than the California average of 34%.

Also, 34% of Orange County residents admit to substance abuse at some point in their lives, with 6% of them admitting to prescription drug abuse. Thus the need for more drug and alcohol treatment centers in Huntington Beach.

Treatment Programs in Huntington Beach, CA

Addiction can be treated safely in one of the 14,500+ drug addiction treatment facilities throughout America. These drug rehab centers in Huntington Beach California are listed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).


For moderate and severe addiction, the first step to drug treatment in Huntington Beach CA is detoxification. It’s a primary treatment that makes use of many methods and strategies to wean the patient off the substances they’re addicted to. It includes chronic pain management and proper drug allocation, as well as alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach CA.

Residential Treatment

The patient is then transferred to residential treatment, wherein they’re prepared for long-term sobriety beyond the treatment program. They’re put in a comfortable setting with 24-hour supervision to get them used to a life without addiction.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

For mild to moderate addiction, as well as the inability to be away from their daily lives for too long, they can opt for IOP treatment. It involves daily counseling, addiction education, and skill building to help them achieve sobriety.

Aftercare Support

After treatment proper, there is still aftercare support to ensure their long-term sobriety. They are taught skills, habits, and behaviors they must incorporate into their lives to make sure they don’t relapse back into addiction.


For stubborn addicts who refuse treatment, they may need to be given an intervention. They’re presented the potential consequences of their ongoing addiction in a compassionate manner in the hopes of convincing them to seek treatment. They can then be led to a drug rehab center in Huntington Beach.