Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in Garden Grove, CA

Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in Garden Grove, CA

For people with addiction who are looking for addiction treatment programs in Garden Grove CA, don’t fret as there are plenty of treatment centers near Garden Grove and the rest of Orange County, CA.

They are managed by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OC HCA), under the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) division.

Substance Use Disorder in Midway City, CA

Orange County has a larger proportion of alcoholics and drug addicts compared to the rest of California. This is according to the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report by UC Midway City Medical Center, published in 2016. 

The California state average for alcoholics is 34%; Orange County has 35.,1%. There’s also 34% residents in Orange County who have abused drugs at some point, and 6% of them with prescription drugs. In 2012, that number went as low as 2%, with 51.5% ending in death by overdose.

Treatment Programs in Garden Grove, CA

Annually, around 5,500 are hospitalized and 700 of them die due to drug abuse in Orange County. Among those admissions, only 29% are self-referrals, and the rest are from drug arrests and other community referrals.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are common conditions that are treatable by drug rehabilitation in Garden Grove CA. There are more than 14,500 drug addiction treatment facilities throughout the United States, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).


The patient is evaluated and stabilized, then prepared for the rest of the treatment program. The aim is to help wean the patient of the alcohol or drug they’re physically addicted to.

Residential Treatment

Once detox is done, the drug addiction treatment in Garden Grove CA takes them to residential treatment, where they’re placed in a calming environment with 24-hour medical supervision to prepare them for long-term sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

If the patient is unable to stay long in residential treatment, many drug addiction treatment programs in Garden Grove CA offer IOP treatment that involves daily counseling, addiction education, and skill building exercises in order to help them achieve sobriety.

Aftercare Support

After the treatment program itself, there’s aftercare support for sustainable recovery in the real world. The patient is helped with learning new habits and behaviors to avoid relapse.


Addicts who are too stubborn to seek help may need an intervention, wherein they’re presented with their addiction’s long-term consequences. If they’re able to be convinced, they can then be transitioned to treatment.