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According to statistics, as an individual suffers from active addiction for a longer period of time, he or she will require a longer and more intensive addiction treatment in order to recover from addiction. In other words, those in the process of recovering from severe addiction will often require a detox treatment as well as a longer period of inpatient treatment. However, inpatient treatment is considered the premier form of addiction treatment with the tendency being that addicts tend to have less risk of relapse upon completion of a more intensive residential treatment.Sober Living Orange County

The main reason that recovering addicts tend to be most responsive to inpatient and residential forms of treatment is because these treatments in which the individual lives on-site in the facility for the duration of treatment displace addicts from the circumstances that either directly or indirectly contributed toward their suffering. This provides those who are re-acclimating to sobriety with a safe environment in which to begin recovery free from the temptations, triggers, and other contributors that many addicts would be confronting if they continued to live at home during treatment. For those with severe long-term addictions, this is an important component of treatment as it allows each person to focus on recovery while all but eliminating any chance of relapse during the initial treatment period.

It’s not uncommon for those who complete an inpatient or residential treatment to feel unprepared for reentry into society. This doesn’t mean the addiction treatment program wasn’t effective, but is rather more like removing a child’s training wheels from his or her bicycle before he or she feels ready to ride without them. As such, one solution that’s available for individuals who would prefer a slower transition back into the community is to use a sober living facility as a stepping stone between residential treatment and the post-treatment return home.

What is a Sober Living Home?

By definition, a sober living home—also called a sober living facility or a “halfway house” for recovery—is a transitional living group home in which individuals who have completed and graduated from inpatient addiction treatment can continue living in a monitored sober environment while adapting to an incremental increase in responsibility. The purpose of a sober living home is to be an intermediate point between inpatient care and returning home, being a supplement to inpatient or residential treatment during which time individuals learn to be self-sufficient and have a more freedom than is offered during the initial inpatient treatments.

While living in a sober living home or halfway house, individuals are somewhat less supervised than in residential treatment programs, but are expected to abide by the facility’s individual rules. Most sober living homes encourage residents to find employment—especially since individuals will usually pay rent and for other living expenses—and the residents are expected to keep up with chores, which is considered part of the transitional learning experience. While most facilities allow residents to venture into the community, they must do so while abiding by the facility’s curfews and submitting to regular drug screens to ensure compliance with the required abstinence. For a complete list of treatment options for substance abuse and treatment related issues visit our treatment page.

Our Quality Sober Living Home in Orange County

For individuals in need of a facility that promotes sober living, Orange County offers none bettersober living facility than the sober living we offer at Broadway Treatment Center. Unlike many other transitional living facilities, sober living at Broadway Treatment Center seeks to be an interim between residential treatment and returning home while still providing a level of treatment and support. Our Orange County sober living program is designed to reinforce each client’s recovery by allowing them to live for up to 12 months in our structured sober environment.

Although the sober living phase of treatment at Broadway Treatment Center is optional, we do highly recommend that clients participate in our sober living. The environment we provide has shown to improve the rate at which our clients are able to sustain their recovery. For the duration of each client’s sober living phase and beyond, he or she will have the opportunity to participate in our regular alumni events and gatherings, which we encourage as we like for all our clients to join the Broadway Treatment Center family and remain active in our community.

How Our Sober Living Home in Orange County Can Help Recovering Addicts

When an individual suffers from addiction, he or she will often lose many of the life skills that allow us to sustain ourselves in the real world, or perhaps may never have learned these skills at all. Additionally, many addicts have gone many years without much in terms of responsibility or obligations. This can make the prospect of completing a residential program and returning home intimidating and even frightening to those who don’t feel completely confident in their new-found sobriety.

The purpose of sober living facilities is to provide a newly-recovered addict with something of a halfway point between inpatient addiction treatment and being solely responsible for one’s own recovery. As part of sober living, our clients are taught to take care of themselves before they’re expected to sustain themselves as a member of Societgroup therapy session at sober living facilityy. This is done by having clients be responsible for chores and self-care, by instating a basic set of rules and curfews, and offering therapeutic meetings in which each client is guided toward readiness to return home. Individuals who need to make housing arrangements, repair familial relations, and find stable, gainful employment can use the sober living phase of treatment at Broadway Treatment Center for these purposes as well.

Learn How to Live Again at Our Orange County Sober Living Home

It’s the goal of Broadway Treatment Center sober living to make our clients confident in their recovery and ready to be responsible, productive, sober members of the community. We are invested into the sustained recovery of each member of the Broadway Treatment Center family, from those who are just beginning a detox or residential program to those in sober living and beyond. Upon completion of the sober living phase of treatment, clients can rest assured that they have each received the most individualized and highest-quality care that an Orange County sober living home can offer.

Addiction is a lonely disease, but you don’t have to fight it alone. Call Broadway Treatment Center at (714) 443-8218 if you or someone you love is suffering from the disease of addiction. Begin a journey toward recovery with us today.

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