Outpatient Rehab In Orange County

Our Outpatient Program Utilizes the Tools Needed to Ensure Ongoing Recovery from Addiction

Addiction often begins as recreational substance abuse that occurs only on occasion as the individual experiments with the effects of a substance. Perhaps a white-collar businessman has a glass of scotch after work in the evening, which turns into a few glasses of scotch before graduating to an entire bottle that he empties in a single sitting. Before long, this successful businessman has such a dependence on alcohol that he cannot go a single day without drinking, jeopardizing his well-paying job and putting such strain on his finances that he falls behind on his mortgage and bills.Outpatient Rehab

Unfortunately, this story rings true for countless individuals around the world. In many cultures, there’s a stigma that chemical dependency and addiction are indicative of weakness in an individual’s character, but more often than not an addiction is just as surprising to the addict as it is to anyone else. The abuse of alcohol and drugs often begins as a means of self-medication due to the stress of day-to-day life or perhaps to alleviate symptoms of other afflictions such as chronic pain or anxiety. This can take the form of a housewife and stay-at-home mom who graduates from a glass of wine in the evenings to an entire bottle as a way to calm her nerves, a Wall Street stockbroker who begins to rely on cocaine in order to make it through each grueling work day, or the insomniac who discovers that opiates have helped him or her to sleep. Rather than being indicative of irresponsibility, addiction for these types of individuals is a sign of desperation, causing even the most successful, responsible people to take huge risks in order to cope with overwhelming stress or get relief from other conditions.

Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program in Orange County

While inpatient and residential addiction treatment is considered to be the most effective due to the intensity of these programs—individuals in inpatient programs are monitored 24 hours a day and participate in daily addiction treatments—there are many addicts who are in need of addiction treatment, but due to obligations and responsibilities are unable to live in the treatment facility for the duration of addiction treatment, which can range for one month to as much as several months. As such, outpatient treatment is a viable alternative for individuals who have obligations such as being parents or caretakers for relatives, having a job with an inflexible employment schedule, and other such restraints on availability. And although many experts have suggested that outpatient programs aren’t as effective as inpatient treatment, there are many outpatient programs such as that offered here at Broadway Treatment Center that are designed to offer individuals inpatient-level treatments with the flexibility and personalized aspects of a traditional outpatient program.Patients telling their problems to therapist during session

Located in the notoriously beautiful climate for which Orange County is known, the Broadway Treatment Center outpatient program is ideal for individuals who need to work addiction treatment around their existing obligations and schedule; however, our outpatient program is designed to be a follow-up to our detox and residential programs, indicating that the individual is ready to begin reaclimating and transitioning back into society. Proving more support and guidance to addicts in recovery than a support group or weekly counseling, our Anaheim outpatient program consists of multiple day or evening sessions that are offered at different times throughout the week. What’s more, we encourage clients in the Broadway Treatment Center outpatient program to participate in the twelve-step programs, support groups, and sober living facilities that the community has available in addition to the treatments we offer as part of our outpatient program in Anaheim.

What Makes Our Orange County Outpatient Program Different?

Unlike many other outpatient programs, the Broadway Treatment Center outpatient program seeks to provide clients with a level of addiction treatment comparable to that offered by a residential program by incorporating many of the same group and individual sessions that we offer as part of our medical detox and residential programs, but on an outpatient basis. This allows individuals to receive the highest quality treatment and care while being able to live outside of our facility and fulfill individual obligations. Clients participating in our Orange County outpatient program will receive personalized treatment consisting of individual psychotherapy and group treatment, skills-building sessions, and the opportunity to participate in many of our constructive and recreational activities.

How Our Outpatient Program in Orange County Can Assist Your Recovery

At Broadway Treatment Center, our approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction is counselor speaking to patients during group therapyvery family-oriented and centered on fostering a relationship with each of our clients. Our facility offers clients a comfortable, safe environment in which to receive treatment by professionals that are caring, compassionate and invested in each of our clients’ individual recoveries. What’s more, our outpatient program is focused on providing a comprehensive education that includes skills-building, teaching tools that promote sustained recovery, an emphasis on counseling, and lessons on self-help and coping. We also encourage our clients’ families to participate in the family sessions and counseling that we offer to help foster understanding and constructive communication in each family unit.

Our Orange County outpatient program was specifically and carefully designed to help our clients not only attain sobriety, but to become confident in recovery while having the tools necessary to sustain sobriety for the long-term. It’s also important to us that each client be reconditioned and feel prepared for successful reentry into the community.

Find Long-Term Sobriety with Our Orange County Outpatient Program

We are very proud of the curriculum offered as part of the Broadway Treatment Center outpatient program and feel confident that individuals will receive the education and support necessary to sustain a healthy, productive, and fulfilled lifestyle. Clients who have already completed the detox and residential programs are encouraged to participate in our outpatient program as a means of transitioning and re-acclimating into the community while continuing with the counseling, therapy, education, skills-building, and support network that we provide as part of our outpatient program.

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction to alcohol or drugs, don’t let the disease of addiction continue to diminish the fulfillment and success that life has to offer. At Broadway Treatment Center, we have several addiction treatment programs that are designed to meet the individual needs of any addict beginning the journey toward recovery. Call us at (714) 443-8218 today or contact us online, so we can discuss treatment options.

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