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Achieving Higher Consciousness Through Yoga

Disclaimer: I am only one entity, speaking for nothing and no one but myself. I do happen to be an active participant in a 12-step fellowship and have worked and

Surf Therapy - Broadway Treatment Center & Couples Rehab

Broadway Treatment Center Provides Ocean-based Addiction Therapy Through Surfing

Huntington Beach, California: Broadway Treatment Center is an award winning addiction rehab facility in Orange County, California. Broadway is now among the few local drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers

How To Treat Drug Addiction

How To Treat Drug Addiction

List of Addiction Treatment Options Do you want to know how to treat drug addiction, but when you search online most of the content is the same stuff you have

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment Therapies – Sand Tray, Music, Art Therapy

  Sand Tray Therapy: A Great Solution for Drug and Alcohol Addiction     In this fast paced world, it cannot be denied that some people get stressed and depressed about

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How Pets Aid In Recovery

For a successful, long-term recovery, you need all the help you can get. This means a lot of support. Support may come from your sponsor, friends in recovery, your family

Wine Alcoholic - Featured Image

I Only Drink Wine – I Can’t be an Alcoholic

I only drink wine. I am not an alcoholic. I can stop at any time. These are the rationalizations that I told myself even when my life was falling apart…

Schizophrenia Linked to Drug Abuse

Is Schizophrenia Linked to Drug Abuse?

  In the world right now, there are 51 million people who have schizophrenia. This is a mental condition that’s characterized by faulty perceptions, inappropriate actions and feelings, and withdrawal

higher power in recovery and addiction

Higher Power: Addiction and Recovery

Higher Power: Addiction Treatment & Recovery By Cody McNabb Coming into recovery we have developed multiple views on a Higher Power. If you are religious, and have a good relationship