What Is Rehab Like?

The morning starts off at 7:00 am and is followed by time for waking up, getting ready, medications  (if applicable) and a healthy breakfast by 9:00 am. Groups start at 10:00 am, with topics such as cognitive behavioral therapy. At 11:00 am the next group begins. On Monday’s it’s a process group. Groups are an important aspect of treatment, with plenty of opportunities to learn from each other and gain new insights.

Lunch is at Noon, followed at 1:00 pm by another group. Throughout the day, there are opportunities for socializing, relaxing with activities like journaling, reading and reflecting. Mealtimes are communal, and another opportunity to relax and be social. With that said, groups are a time for focus and growth. Process groups allow time to break down what you have learned, what feelings have come up for you and to discuss developments throughout the house.

Evenings may consist of another group, a twelve step meeting and dinner. After this, clients will have downtime that can be spent relaxing, reading, watching a movie or participating in fun, recreational activities like games or exercise.

Broadway Treatment Center is not just another addiction treatment facility, it is a way of life. The atmosphere at Broadway Treatment Center is very down to earth and we believe that a family oriented approach to addiction treatment is the most successful. Our staff provide a caring and compassionate environment. At Broadway Treatment Center, we see all of our clients as a part of our family. Our relationship will continue long after the completion of our treatment program. Broadway Treatment Center will teach you a new way of life, and we want you to continue your successful new lifestyle knowing that you can always count on us.

Your new lifestyle is centered around sobriety; achieving it, and more importantly, maintaining it. Becoming part of the Broadway Treatment Center family will allow you to stay in contact with like-minded people who are also focused on living a life of sobriety. Since our alumni are a part of our family, we will make sure you have the opportunity to stay connected with a network of sober individuals. Come and join our family at Broadway Treatment Center and become a part of our sober community.