Alumni Program

Recovery is a way of life, and at Broadway Treatment Center , we are committed to supporting our clients in that way of life both during and after residential treatment.   We offer an alumni program that helps keep you involved in our community and supported in your recovery. Once you have completed residential treatment and outpatient care, you may be eligible to participate in our alumni program.

Our goal for our clients is abstinence and a clean and sober lifestyle. This is best achieved by ongoing participation in recovery-oriented activities such as twelve step meetings, aftercare groups and sober living environments.

Over time, it can sometimes be challenging to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. It is much easier to do this if you are continuing to spend time with people who are in recovery and if you continue to seek out opportunities to connect with other recovering addicts and to find ways to enjoy life clean and sober. Whether it’s going to a meeting or getting together with fellow recovering addicts for a barbeque at the beach, being part of the recovery community is essential to your success.

As an alumni member, you are a part of the Broadway Treatment Center family. We are here for you, and being an alumni member allows you to be there and support others on their journey, too. Being an active alumni member is a great way to give back and be of service!

Alumni members can attend Broadway Treatment Center Events and activities, special alumni gatherings and share their experience, strength and hope with those who are currently in the program. As a member, you will attend alumni group meetings that allow you to check in and share your challenges and victories with your fellow group members. This provides a valuable resource for support and encouragement.

The alumni program allows Broadway Treatment Center graduates to continue supporting eachother through their recovery journey, spend time with like-minded people and keep building that foundation of support and recovery that is so important for long-term success.

The alumni program is open to those who have completed the requisite treatment program. It is important to remember that successful recovery takes effort on your part. Some of the suggested activities that promote this are:

  • Completion of residential treatment program.
  • Participation in aftercare program.
  • Living in a sober environment.
  • Regular 12 step meeting attendance.
  • Working with a sponsor.
  • Building a support group of clean and sober friends.

Broadway Treatment Center can help provide the tools, strategies and guidance to get you started on your journey of recovery. Starting with our residential treatment program, following up with outpatient care and continuing on with sober living and alumni participation increases your chances of long-term sobriety.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Broadway Treatment Center can help. Our intensive level of treatment, experience and resources provide the best possible addiction treatment in a supportive atmosphere. We offer inpatient addiction treatment, relapse prevention, and many other services for our clients. Call us today at (714) 443-8218 to find out how to get started.