Opioid Epidemic

President Obama & Macklemore Raise Awareness of Opioid Addiction

President Obama and Macklemore took to the Internet last week to address the growing epidemic of opioid addiction in this country. It is an important message that they are sending

Celebrities In Recovery

5 Celebrities In Recovery

In our media-driven society, celebrities often achieve an almost royalty-like status. Actors, musicians and other high-profile figures are regularly in the news, on entertainment shows and on the covers of

Recovery Assistance

5 Awesome Apps For Recovery Assistance

While technology sometimes has its drawbacks, there is no doubt that it is also a useful tool. Smartphones are not only great for calling people (like your sponsor) and playing

Drugs And Their Effects

Top Ten Most Used Drugs And Their Effects

What are the top ten most abused drugs right now? What are their effects, and how is addiction to these substances impacting people and the community at large? Finally, what

Jason Mewes Drug Addiction

Celebrity Addiction Profile: Jason “Jay and Silent Bob” Mewes

Jason Mewes Drug Addiction Jason Mewes didn’t grow up in Hollywood. He grew up the way many of us grow up. In an economically depressed community with an addicted parent.

Wine Alcoholic - Featured Image

I Only Drink Wine – I Can’t be an Alcoholic

I only drink wine. I am not an alcoholic. I can stop at any time. These are the rationalizations that I told myself even when my life was falling apart…

Schizophrenia Linked to Drug Abuse

Is Schizophrenia Linked to Drug Abuse?

  In the world right now, there are 51 million people who have schizophrenia. This is a mental condition that’s characterized by faulty perceptions, inappropriate actions and feelings, and withdrawal

higher power in recovery and addiction

Higher Power: Addiction and Recovery

Higher Power: Addiction Treatment & Recovery By Cody McNabb Coming into recovery we have developed multiple views on a Higher Power. If you are religious, and have a good relationship